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December 14, 2008

Candids with Nikki in Toronto studio -kind of…

Today’s post is about candid photography on the fly in any location. As a wedding photographer, I have many challenges to deal with. Sometimes location is less than picturesque, the light is changing, it’s too dark, it’s too bright, it’s raining, it’s snowing, it’s too sunny, people are in the way, space is restricted, etc., etc..

But I am paid thousands of dollars to shoot the wedding and couples expect the results they came to me for in the first placeā€¦ beautiful, natural, story-telling photography. So this brings us to a portrait session with the beautiful Nikki…


December 1, 2008

SAphoto is now on Facebook!

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September 13, 2008

Sophie & Chris in Old Quebec city

Sophie and Chris live in Ontario in a little town called Martintown. But their wedding was going to be held in my hometown city of Quebec on September 13, 2008. They’re a really nice easy going couple who was a pleasure to shoot for. Please take a look and enjoy a small tour of the old Quebec at the same time!


January 19, 2008

Julie and Jesse’s winter wedding

Who said winter sucks? Ok there was a lot of snow this winter but this wedding rocked! These are the highlights of Julie and Jesse’s wedding and it was a lot of fun. It took place in Quebec city on January 19th. Enjoy the pictures and don’t be afraid to comment.. that’s what this blog is all about! Don’t forget to visit my website at

September 16, 2006

Anita and Craig’s wedding

Here are a few shots from Anita and Craig’s wedding in Toronto on September 16. That was a lot of fun.

Hey Mickey you’re so fine you blow my mind!

this makes me feel proud to be a man…

Kids are my favorite subjects at weddings:

Hey where are you going you?

They tend to know how to have fun..

Don’t be scared cutie pie!


I know smoking is bad.. but does that make it a bad picture?

See the bride and groom in the sunglasses? cool eh?

Emotions emotions…

One of my favorite.. I created a seperate entry for this old man: see when history show in your face..

His lady…

Nice settings. I just love weddings!

da kiss

da rings

This shot was used for advertizing in the Canadian Multi-Cultural wedding show book. Capturing the moment at it’s best.

Can you feel the love?

A fellow photographer told me that this cake shot was friggn’ fantastic.. I tend to agree

nice gift on everybody’s table

da dance

Weddings are exhausting!

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