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July 26, 2008

Joscelynne & Chris’s wedding

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You may notice that I have 2 weddings posted for July 26. This is not a mistake! Since I was already booked on that day and Joscelynne really like the SAphoto style, I arranged to send 2 talented photographers: Janette Rojas and Troy Shantz. Janette works regularly with me and was the main photographer. Post-processing of the pictures was done in-house as usual. This wedding was in Chatham Ontario.

Please note that our BLOG moved. Go to to get the updated version of this post.A couple of detail shots.

Some serious preparation.

Awe so cute this little one!

One of my favorite shots.

Glowingly beautiful bride.

The boys’ preparation is usually more simple, and of course always involves a bottle of booze at some point.

They also seem to always find time to play games! Here with the Nintendo Wii.

Really nice shot of the groom by Troy.

One of them may not be of legal drinking age…

The wedding was at Christ Church in Chatham.

Waiting for the bride to arrive.

Watch these 2 pictures.. you can really hear Chris!
” I ”


We could argue that this is a picture of the bride…

Some fun with the couple outside the Church.

The reception was held at Deer Run golf course. Here’s a proof!

SAphoto reaches new heights with this shot! Yes they are doing what you think they are doing!

Chris in disbelief!

Back to the hall.

Something simple that says it all.

I can only assume that the following advice is for women… :)

FOB (Father of the Bride).

A couple of shots outside as the sun was falling.


Party time!

No wedding could be complete without the YMC song.

Throwing of the bouquet.

A happy winner.

Do NOT mess with Joscelynne!

Here’s the real shot.

Beautiful wedding. Congratulations to the newly weds!



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