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September 16, 2006

Anita and Craig’s wedding

Here are a few shots from Anita and Craig’s wedding in Toronto on September 16. That was a lot of fun.

Hey Mickey you’re so fine you blow my mind!

this makes me feel proud to be a man…

Kids are my favorite subjects at weddings:

Hey where are you going you?

They tend to know how to have fun..

Don’t be scared cutie pie!


I know smoking is bad.. but does that make it a bad picture?

See the bride and groom in the sunglasses? cool eh?

Emotions emotions…

One of my favorite.. I created a seperate entry for this old man: see when history show in your face..

His lady…

Nice settings. I just love weddings!

da kiss

da rings

This shot was used for advertizing in the Canadian Multi-Cultural wedding show book. Capturing the moment at it’s best.

Can you feel the love?

A fellow photographer told me that this cake shot was friggn’ fantastic.. I tend to agree

nice gift on everybody’s table

da dance

Weddings are exhausting!

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